Auto Email Spreadsheet

Lets you to schedule and email sheet/entire spreadsheet/range as attachment to multiple recipients. Sheets can be attached as PDF, CSV, HTML, XSLX or as ODS format.

Trial limitations: 

 - The created schedule(s) will cease functioning after the trial period

 - However, you can convert and send the current active sheet(s) immediately to a single recipient without cc, bcc

 - Embeds add-on attribution to outgoing emails


 - Schedule to send multiple sheets or selected sheets or range as email attachment

 - Create multiple schedules as once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly with recurrence

 - Supports recurrence rules as defined in the iCalendar RFC (2445)

 - Natural language support for rule creation

 - Real time preview of scheduled dates

 - Auto suggest pop down list of contacts for easy accessibility 

 - Schedule emails with cc, bcc fields, with HTML which are to be sent regularly with attachment

 - Schedule to mail sheets in the zip ot loose format as PDF, CSV, HTML, XSLX or ODS 

 - Support naming of schedule(s)

 - Enable or Disable schedule on click 

 - Run the scheduled task on demand (onclick)

 - Choose options like grid lines, frozen rows, orientation, paper size, fit to width, spreadsheet name

 - Edit schedule to change email or other parameters

 - Manage all the schedules (current & other scheduled) in a single sidebar

 - Error reporting

 - The number of emails to be sent/day, trigger(s), it's run time etc. are restrained by your Quotas for Google Services. For details visit:


- Works best in Google Chrome

- Scheduled message(s) may go out +-60 minutes in exceptional cases depending on the hourly Google clock triggers