Form to HubSpot

Lets you to connect to Hubspot and direct your Google form submissions to create new contact contact in your Hubspot CRM.

Form to HubSpot add-on for Google Forms integrates with HubSpot, allowing you to create contacts while your form is submitted.

Anyone who interacts with your business can be saved as a contact in HubSpot. Examples of contacts include visitors that convert on a form, visitors who contact your chat team, or potential customers that your team met during an event.

A good contact database will allow your team to easily record and retrieve information on them, keeping everyone updated.

There are different ways to create contacts in HubSpot - One such method is to create a Google form and embed into your website and then accept the basic input from your customers like the First name (mandatory), Phone, Email etc. When a new visitor fills in and submits a HubSpot form, a contact record for their email address will be created in HubSpot CRM automatically by the add-on.

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Free Features/Limitations:

 * Create 25 contacts/month

Premium Features:

 * Create any number of contacts as per your HubSpot app subscription

Video instructions:

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30$/Year for All Users

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