ConnectTo Twilio™ SMS

ConnectTo Twilio SMS add-on for Google Sheets integrates your Twilio SMS Platform with Google Sheets, allowing you to compose SMSs to your clients from your spreadsheet data.


- Easily select the recipient's phone number and message directly from the Addon

- Conveniently add your Twilio™ credentials and phone number via the sidebar

- Track the status of your messages directly within your Google Sheets

- Create personalized messages using advanced Sheet formulas

- Compose and send SMSs to unlimited# selected rows

Free Version Limitations:

 * Send 2 SMSs at a time

Use Cases:

- Sending appointment reminders to customers

- Promotional offers and discounts to a large customer base

- Notifications and updates to a group of employees or team members

- Event reminders and updates to attendees

- Survey or feedback requests to customers

- Automated birthday or anniversary wishes to customers

- Account or payment reminders to clients

- Emergency or important announcements to a community or organization

- Shipment or delivery updates to customers

- Personalized thank you messages to customers after a purchase

Please note that while our add-on provides this invaluable connectivity between Google Sheets and Twilio™ SMS, it's important to understand that purchasing this add-on does not include Twilio™ credits. Twilio™ is a third-party company that offers SMS services, and you will need to have an active Twilio™ account and sufficient credits with them to use this integration.


 - This is not an official connector add-on from Twilio™

 - We are not responsible for service outages with respect to Google Sheets or Twilio™

 - You agree to terms, rules and regulations of Twilio™ Platform. We are not responsible for any misuse, illegal use of the platform services

Video help:

## Google services impose daily quotas and hard limitations on some features -

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30$/Year for All Users

For all users of the domain  - [email protected]