Send to API Webhooks

Effortlessly connect your Google Sheets™ and Forms™, and send data to any API or Webhook by making HTTP requests. This enables hassle-free unattended external data transmission.

Send to API Webhooks, a versatile add-on compatible with both Google Forms™ and Google Sheets™, effortlessly integrates with a myriad of external systems and services. Streamline your data transmission by configuring the add-on to send your form submissions and spreadsheet data to your chosen APIs. Tailor webhook settings to match your specific requirements and supercharge your workflow. Bid farewell to manual data transfers and embrace automation with Send to API Webhooks—a comprehensive data integration solution for both Google Forms™ and Google Sheets™.

Supported HTTP Request Methods

Whether you are retrieving data, submitting information, or even making changes to a remote server, our addon provides seamless integration with the following HTTP requests

Authorization Types

Choose from a variety of authorization methods, ensuring secure and authenticated communication:

HTTP Headers

Customize your requests by including specific HTTP headers.

Request Body Types

Define the format of your request body with options such as JSON, form-urlencoded, plain text, HTML, XML, and JavaScript.

Additional Options

Enable this webhook configuration: Toggle to activate or deactivate the webhook configuration.

Send me an email whenever an error occurs during form submission: Receive notifications for submission errors.

Validate HTTPS Certificates: Ensure the security of your communications by validating HTTPS certificates.

Follow Redirects: Choose whether to follow HTTP redirects for a comprehensive data retrieval process.

Mute HTTP(S) Exceptions: Maintain a seamless experience by muting exceptions that may occur during HTTP requests.

Escape URL Characters: Decide whether to escape special characters in URLs for compatibility.

Conditions for Execution: Execute the webhook under specific conditions, allowing for tailored responses based on form submissions:

Response Destination: Choose to save the status of HTTP requests or the response output directly in a cell, providing a comprehensive log of your interactions with external APIs or webhooks. This empowers you to monitor the success and details of each request effortlessly.

Free Features/Limitations:

 * Create 25 contacts/month

Premium Features:

 * Create any number of API requests as per your Workspace account limits.

For more details about quotas visit:

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## Google services impose daily quotas and hard limitations on some features -

Send to API Webhooks use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.