Sheet to JSON

Sheet to JSON simplifies transforming Google Sheets™ into JSON files, with multiple JSON types and custom JSON options

Sheet to JSON or Sheets™ to JSON Add-On for Google Workspace Sheets™: Transforming Data with Ease

Introducing Sheet to JSON, a powerful Google Workspace add-on designed to streamline the conversion of your Google Sheets™ data into JSON files effortlessly. No longer will you need to navigate the cumbersome process of downloading individual Sheets™ as CSVs and piecing them together later. Sheet to JSON simplifies this task, offering a range of options to customize your JSON output and providing the flexibility to define a custom JSON structure directly from your Google Sheets™ workbook cells.

The user-friendly interface of Sheet to JSON ensures a seamless experience. The addon presents users with a set of options to tailor the JSON output according to their specific requirements:

Sheet Selection:

Choose the Google Sheet document you want to transform into JSON effortlessly. The addon seamlessly integrates into your Sheets™ workspace, allowing you to pick your desired sheet with just a few clicks.

Select Range (Data or Custom Range):

Customize the range of data you want to export as JSON. Whether you need the entire sheet or a specific subset, Sheet to JSON offers the flexibility to choose the range that suits your needs.

Type - Values of Sheet or Display Values of Sheet:

Tailor your JSON output by selecting whether you want to capture the raw values of the sheet or the displayed values. This option ensures that the exported JSON aligns perfectly with your intended data representation.

JSON Output Options:

Object of Rows: Structure your JSON output as an object with each row represented as a key-value pair.

Object of Columns: Organize your JSON output as an object with each column represented as a key-value pair.

Array of Rows: Generate a JSON array with each row as a separate element.

Array of Columns: Create a JSON array with each column as a separate element.

Simple Key Pair: Condense your JSON output into a simple key-value pair format.

2D Array: Export your data as a two-dimensional array in JSON format.

Define a Custom JSON Structure: Exercise complete control by defining a custom JSON structure directly from your Google Sheets™ workbook cells.

Sheet to JSON also provides a convenient preview option, allowing you to inspect the JSON output directly within the Google Sheets™ interface. Once satisfied, you can choose to either view the JSON within Sheets™ or export it as a separate file stored in the same location as your original Google Sheet document.

The Sheet to JSON add-on is designed to enhance your workflow, ensuring that the transformation from spreadsheet to JSON is both efficient and tailored to your needs. Additionally, for users who want to explore the capabilities of the add-on before committing to a premium plan, the free version is available with a few limitations, processing only up to 25 rows of sheet data.

In conclusion, Sheet to JSON is your go-to solution for seamlessly converting Google Sheets™ data into JSON files, offering a range of options and customization features to suit your unique needs. Simplify your data transformation process today with Sheet to JSON – where efficiency meets customization.

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