Advanced URL Shortener

Lets you shorten multiple long URLs in your Google sheet with a click.

Advanced URL Shortener add-on for Google Sheets lets you to shorten/expand multiple long/short URLs in your sheet by using bitly service.

Free Features:

Premium Features:

This description provides a general overview of the Advanced URL Shortener Add-on for Google Workspace. Specific features and functionality may vary based on the latest updates and versions of the add-on. Please note that while our add-on provides this invaluable connectivity between Google Sheets™ and Bitly™, it's important to understand that purchasing this add-on does not include Bitly™ premium plans. Bitly™ is a third-party company that offers URL Shortening services, and you will need to have an active Bitly™ account and sufficient credits with them to use this integration.


Bitly Pricing/Plans:

Bitly institutes per-month, per-hour, per-minute, per-user, and per-IP rate limits*

    10,000 new Bitlinks created per month

    1,000 calls per hour

    100 calls per minute

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Single user  - [email protected]


10$/Year for All Users

For all users of the domain  - [email protected]