Sheet to Contacts

Lets you to create new contacts and modify in Google Contacts from your data in the spreadsheet.

Sheet to Contacts add-on for Google Sheets integrates your Google Contacts with Sheets, allowing you to compose and update contacts from your spreadsheet data.

Premium Features:

Create up to 1000 contacts* per day for Gmail™ accounts and 2000 contacts* per day for Workspace™ accounts.

Auto-create contacts when a new row is added to your Google Sheet™.

Allow multiple configurations to customize the add-on's behavior.

Create contacts directly within specific groups for better organization.

Update contact fields with a single click, automatically reflecting changes made in the spreadsheet.

Import contacts from Google Contacts™ to your sheet for easy management.

Import other contacts from various sources into your sheet for comprehensive contact management.

By utilizing Sheet to Contacts Matic, you can enhance your contact management workflow in Google Sheets™, enabling efficient composition, updates, and synchronization of contacts with Google Contacts™.

Free version restrictions:

 * Create/Update 2 contacts at a time

 * Import ony 50 Contacts/Other Contacts to Sheet

Video help:

* Google services impose daily quotas and hard limitations on some features -

Sheet to Contacts use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Upgrade to Premium



Single user  - [email protected]


30$/Year for All Users

For all users of the domain  - [email protected]