ConnectTo T.LY URL Shortener

Lets you shorten multiple long URLs in your Google sheet with a click.

ConnectTo T.LY URL Shortener add-on for Google Sheets lets you to shorten/expand multiple long/short URLs in your sheet by using T.LY service.

Free Features:

  • - Shorten/Expand a single link at a time

  • - Click summary of a single link at a time

Premium Features:

  • - Shorten/Expand selected/all links in the sheet

  • - Create short links with custom back half

  • - Get click summary of selected/all T.LY links in the sheet


T.LY Pricing/Plans:

The volume of URLs that can be converted depends on your T.LY account type and account limits

Video help:

For more details about quotas visit:

Upgrade to Premium



Single user - [email protected]


10$/Year for All Users

For all users of the domain - [email protected]